Thomaz Bellucci defeats Roger Federer in the Brazilian Debut

Posted on December 11th, 2012

World No 2 Roger Federer lost the Brazilian debut to World No 33 Thomaz Belluci. This is the first time when Roger lost the match to someone who is much lower in rank compared to him. Roger tried hard but he failed to make a mark and finally he lost the match.

Bellucci-Federer pic

Bellucci-Federer pic

On the other hand, Bellucci pleased his home fans and also provided a festival atmosphere by singing and reciting throughout the exhibition match. The match was held on Thursday evening.

This was the third match between the two great players in their professional careers. Previous two matches were won by World No 2 Roger but this time, it was Bellucci who gained victory. The previous two matches that both of them played against each other were the Swiss Indoors Basel and BNP Paribas Open. Both the battles were played in the current season.

Bellucci’s happiness was double because he was playing in front of his home crowd. He said after the match ended that it is always great to play in front of home crowd and it is always good to play with Federer.

The 24 year old also recognized the support that he got from his fans and he also admired the turnout at the arena. Roger also admired the huge fan following of Bellucci and he confessed that it always feels good to be here and it is true that it took some time for him to come to Brazil. According to Roger, everyone over here is always good to him.

Thomaz held the first serve of the match to beat the first hurdle. The Brazilian headed the set scores by 1-0 which enkindled more curiosity amongst the audiences present over there. The world No 2 bounced back in the match with an all round attack in the second set of the match.

The early breakpoint in the match helped Bellucci take control of the match. In the 10th set, Roger mislaid a backhand come back that helped Thomaz score well and win the match.

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