Tennis: Betting on the French Open

Posted on March 20th, 2013

This spring, the French Open, will be the next one of tennis?s Grand Slam Tournament to be held. As the competition approaches, many people are considering what sports bets they will be placing on the French Open. In order to do this many bettors follow the tennis matches that occur prior to the French Open. One of these would of course include the Australian Open and other smaller matches. By following these events, they can collect information to help them to make more informed sports bets. This can be especially helpful if placing futures bets.

Futures bets on the game of tennis are as the name indicates; bets about what will happen in the future. Sportsbooks reports the odds of certain tennis players winning the French Open. Other odds are reported as well, such as how far a particular will get in the tournament. However, predicting the winner is definitely the most popular.

Until the French Open arrives, there are other ways to try to satisfy your excitement for tennis. One of these would be enjoying tennis based slot machines found at online casinos like Lucky Nugget. For instance, one tennis themed slot is the Grand Slam game. This is a one line slot with three reels. The slot features a small range of bets from one to three coins. The symbols on the reels feature graphics and icons from the game of tennis. For instance, you would find a tennis ball, tennis rack and trophy symbols in this slot machine game. The Grand Slam slot machine also provides players with a chance to play the gamble bonus feature. Simply select a suite and it correct, players increase their winnings. Auto play is possible with the Grand Slam slot machine which makes it easy to multitask while playing this game at an online casino.

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